All aspects
of women’s sexuality


This is GLÄNTA

GLÄNTA is a Swedish sex and wellness brand offering a new and lustful way to learn more about what gives you pleasure and makes you tick, boost your sexual intelligence, and gain the integrity and pride that comes with owning your sexuality.

Why we exist

How come we don’t know more about women’s sexuality? That question became the seed of our existence. GLÄNTA was conceived to boost and develop the female sexual experience, and in doing so, contributing to the research on women, sex, and pleasure.

What we do

We aim to broaden and deepen both the way we talk about sex and the way we experience it, all while contributing to self-respect, integrity, and sexual intelligence. Being a brand built on science, we take the conversation about sex beyond orgasms and clit-focus, highlighting all aspects of women’s sexuality: body, mind, life.

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